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  • Denis FnW

Globo devotes a report to our olive plantation in Brasil

Dernière mise à jour : 12 mai

Food'n Wood Responsible Investment is first and foremost the story of a bet: harvesting olives on the 13th parallel in Brazil. A bet that brought us, 10 years ago, to this remote region of the Chapada Diamantina highlands (1220-1400m altitude). There we discovered an almost Mediterranean microclimate and immense wastelands that years of grazing had depleted to the point of abandonment. The microclimate, confirmed by Embrapa (INRA of Brazil) and all the experts who came to visit our olive plantations in brasil, allowed us to pick olives in a country which consumes them but produces practically none. Then, to set up agroforestry projects to restore the fertility of these lands. Win-win projects for the planet, this region, its isolated populations, and for investors because this favorable climate allows for high returns. The success is such that the No. 1 television channel in Brazil, Globo, dedicated a report to us broadcast on Sundays in April 2018.


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