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A 16-year success story

US$ 17 Million Assets under
Management, most of it
provided by founders’ own money.

HighlySuccessful Terroir pioneer

• We created a new fruit farming pole in an almost deserted area, boosting small local farmers in our wake.

• Our fruits are acclaimed for their high organoleptic qualities and sold at top rates.

• We created the first olive grove in the state of Bahia. Our olive oil received a Gold Medal at the Paris International competition Olio Nuovo in 2021.

Restoring fertility of acquired

& managed 7,000 ha (70 km²), mainly on unused land

Social and local commitment through ourChapasul Coop

• PASO Hydric Basin Committee Board Member.

• Serra do Barbado Conservation Park (APA) Board Member.

• Sharing best practices and business

opportunities with local farmers.

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